Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Enterprise Storage: Two 2.5" 600 GB Hard Drives Tested

The latest 2.5” hard drive generation ships with SAS 6Gb/s and delivers up to 600 GB of storage space, narrowing the gap with much larger 3.5" disks. Today we're comparing the latest 2.5" drives from Seagate and Toshiba to see if they're faster, too.
Seagate’s Savvio was the first 2.5” hard drive product for enterprise applications. Today, you can get 2.5” SAS drives from Hitachi, Seagate, and Toshiba, but only Seagate and Toshiba ship the latest 600 GB, 10 000 RPM models for mainstream enterprise applications.

PCI Express 3.0: By This Time Next Year

After an unfortunate series of untimely delays, the folks behind PCI Express 3.0 believe they've worked out the kinks that have kept next-generation connectivity from achieving backwards compatibility with PCIe 2.0. We take a look at the tech to come.

Gaming With Nvidia 3D Vision

 Gaming With Nvidia 3D Vision
a 3D dual-projector system, just like in movie theaters. Now, we're comparing it to Nvidia's 3D Vision projector-based setup to see which option offers the best consumer-level 3D experience for your living room.
When we concluded our Wall-Sized 3D Gaming, Just Like The Theaters Do It review, we noted that there could be no proper conclusion until we tested an alternative projector that utilized Nvidia's 3D Vision solution. Well, now you're reading that follow-up article. For those who missed the previous story, we created a 3D projector system similar to the ones used in movie theaters, with two projectors and polarized filters. The whole experiment consisted of about $2,500 worth of hardware and software, not including the PC used to drive the displays.

4GB Memory Kit 4

4GB Memory Kit 4
Now the rules. This contest is unfortunately only available to US residents
in one of the 50 states. I realize that AnandTech is an international site and I do highly value all of our readers, unfortunately extending the contest rules outside of the US is a bit more than we're able to reliably handle today. That's not to say that we won't at some point in the future, we just have little experience doing such things and don't want to get burned early on.

RIM BlackPad Expected To Complete with Apple's iPad

Research In Motion is expected to introduce the BlackPad to compete with rival Apple's iPad, which currently dominates the tablet market. RIM recently acquired, and is also expected to introduce the BlackBerry Bold 9800 to regain smartphone market share from Apple's iPhone. RIM faces an uphill battle with the BlackPad.